The Victorian Chin Baptist Church (VCBC) was established on 23rd March 2003 by 13 Chin Refugees with the support of Rev. Darrell Mckerlie at Mooroolbark Baptist Church. Today VCBC is the largest non-English-speaking church in the Baptist Union of Victoria.Chin people are persecuted for our faith in our motherland of Myanmar and often flee to either Malaysia or India seeking refugee status. Consequently, most of the VCBC members have arrived Australia on refugee visas.

By the Grace of God and the welcome of the Australian Government we have become a larger community year by year. Our faith is central to our lives and we dream of building a home and place to worship here as part of Christian Community.

Initially, we had Sunday afternoon services at Mooroolbark Baptist Church but as our numbers and ministry grew we used neighbouring churches and schools as well for extra services and events. Over the years we looked at 11 different properties in Croydon, Kilsyth, Mt Evelyn, Lilydale and Mooroolbark.

We actually purchased a 4-acre properties in Chirnside Park, but then had to sell it when we could not gain council permission to build. In 2014, a 4.5-acre vacant property became available in Croydon which we were able to purchase with the help of a loan from BFS. This was a suitable site as it was accessible by public transport and was central to our congregation who come from surrounding suburbs. We applied for and were granted a permit to put a building as “Over Builders”.

Retired Baptist Minister Rev. John Billingham has been our Site Manager. He brings the building project management skills needed, as well as deep understanding of the functionality and heart needed for such a project. John’s direction, assistance and contribution has been invaluable! the Owner Builder nature of construction has allowed us to, not only construct this huge worship and ministry centre, but has allowed a massive volunteer contribution with the side benefit of practical skills gained by the many members that were involved daily. And members financial generosity and fundraising is a constant inspiration to me.

The construction stage has taken more than 2 years with volunteer labour arranged wherever possible, and regular working bees with people contributing their skills and resources. We marked out the spot for the building on 23 January 2016 with prayer and received the certificate of Occupancy on 16th July 2018.